Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kaddari - Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew

Description from Eisenbrauns:

The is the first book of its kind - a comprehensive academic dictionary of Biblical Hebrew written in modern Hebrew. Until today no such dictionary has been published in the Hebrew language, thus forcing Hebrew-speaking students and scholars to rely on English or German dictionaries.

This book will appeal to a broad educated public interested in the Bible as the foundation of Jewish culture, and especially to students and teachers of Biblical Studies and Semitic languages including Hebrew. They will benefit particularly from the comparison of biblical words with their parallels in other Semitic languages, as well as the clarification of difficult, seemingly irregular forms in biblical Hebrew. All this enables the student to discover the simple meaning of the text: What did the author mean and why did he choose a particular form of expression? The entries are accompanied by copious notes commenting on the etymology and the roots of words and presenting opinions of biblical and linguistic scholars on grammatical issues.

Prof. Menachem Zevi Kaddari is one of today's leading scholars in Hebrew Linguistics, and has specialized in the study of the Hebrew language for close to 50 years. His research encompasses all periods from biblical to modern Hebrew, and deals with most aspects of linguistic study: syntax, semantics, diction and stylistics, lexicography and stylistics. (One of his special interests is in defining the principles underlying the process of the internal organization of today's language.)

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