Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NEW: Kri and Ktiv - Game #1

I thought I'd try something a little new here at Balashon - a game I've decided to call Kri and Ktiv (Read and Write).

I will provide two hints in English, each referring to a Hebrew word. Both Hebrew words will be homographs of each other. The goal will be to figure out what Hebrew homograph I'm describing.

So for example, if I write:
a) "pillar"
b) "stand up"
I'm thinking of the Hebrew עמוד - amud meaning "pillar" and amod meaning "stand up".

You should know that the Hebrew word can be spelled with full or partial vowels, and the meanings (the hints) can refer to Biblical, Talmudic, Medieval, Modern Hebrew or slang.

I'm probably going to need to try this out a few times until I get the skill level correct. This first one shouldn't be too hard:

a) element
b) skilled

Put your answers in the comments (if you can't type in Hebrew, just spell out the letters). The first one to get it right will get their name (and site link if they'd like) in the sidebar!

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